Burkert Controls

For measurement and control Bürkert is one of the world's leading companies. The Bürkert products and systems cover a large part of the productionproces and are widely used in many applications. From breweries, laboratories for medical techniques to aerospace. Bürkert controls comes with exceptional solutions to particular problems. We continue to think outside the box and this has made them who they are. One of the leading manufacturers in the field of measurement and control systems for liquids and gases in the world. This is also why Bürkert is an important partner of ITT Controls. The emphasis on innovation and superior quality of the products. We are incredibly flexible in our organization and processes and provide complete system and application solutions to meet specific customer needs. Continuous investment in research and development allows Bürkert to be able to find the best solution both technically and economically for the customer.

Solenoid Valves for a multitude of applications. For liquid and / or gaseous media, aggressive or neutral, applicable in various ranges of temperature and pressure.

Process and Control valves from Bürkert for various controlling tasks in fluids, gases or steam. Products of stainless steel or plastic driven by electric motors or pneumatically operated process valves.

Pneumatic automation which ranges from single or aligned solenoid valves to Field Bus Controller controlled decentralized I/O systems with electrical and/or pneumatic I/O’s. Sensors, Transmitters and Controllers for flow, level, pressure analysis and temperature measurement of liquid or gaseous media.
MicroFluidics are solenoid valves and micro pumps for use in analytical, medical or biotechnological applications. On and Off control valves for applications with neutral, aggressive and highly purified media.
MFC (Mass Flow Controllers) / MFM (Mass Flow Meters), LFC (liquid Flow Controller) / LFM (Liquid Flow Meters) and proportional valves.
BBS process Connectivity is an addition to the hygienic expertise for process optimization. Since 2008, BBS-Systems AG and Bürkert Fluid Control Systems have joined forces. From components to complete systems. Our focus is your process optimization.
Robolux diaphragm valves are not normally an important consideration. RoboValves will you change your mind. This is because the turnaround time and minimization of the number of valves and diaphragms costs. The secret is NO hold-up volumes! This is achieved by two valves, independently actuated, which can be applied by a diaphragm which is space-saving and where T-pieces are eliminated. Again Bürkert Controls makes a difference!
Find out about our products, expertise and excellent quality! ITT Controls, your partner for measurement and control!

Penn Controls

Penn Controls, now part of Johnson Controls, designs and manufactures more than 125 years for buildings, appliances, automotive and energy solutions. Also in the petrochemical and process industries Penn Controls is a well known brand and is supplied by ITT Controls.

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Oventrop Valves

ITT Controls also supplies products and components of Oventrop. In the heating industry Oventrop is one of the leading brands in the field of valves and controllers. Oventrop existed since 1851 and now has a product range of over 4000 products. Products and parts of Oventrop are sold throughout the world. With offices in China, France, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, Turkey and America they are represented worldwide.

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ITT Controls also supplies products and components from KromSchroder (Kromschröder). The history of KromSchroder begins in 1865 and the company has had a number of transformations over the years. Kromschroeder is now part of Elster Kromschroeder (Elster Kromschröder) and the product range covers gas meters for households and commercial premises, safety valves and controller components for heating systems and systems for measurement and control of industrial heating processes.

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